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Millennial career expert Dan Schawbel wrote a book in 2013 entitled Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success. In it he said that Gen Y should master several practical rules when at work. There are good ol’ rules passed down by previous generations that would showcase your “human-ness” towards your officemates and bosses which will in turn get you that promotion you wanted.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Do more than what is stated in your job description. Avoid counting the hours and literally sticking to what your terms of reference said. If there is an opportunity to showcase your skillls, contribute to the team or add value to the service and products of the company, do so. You get more learning and exposure from these instances—and your superiors will take notice of that.
  2. Support your boss first. If your boss doesn’t get that promotion or project, his/her frustration will trickle down on you. Do your best, but do not be a brown noser, to accomplish what s/he is asking of you. Beat the deadlines and provide more inputs than expected. If your boss flies with colors, there is a great possibility that s/he will take lift you up as well.
  3. Continuously learn more skills. Emphasis here on the soft skills—those interpersonal skills such as leadership, teamwork, ability to listen, coachability, grit, integrity, and respect especially for your seniors. People run the company and if you screw up your relationship with them, you are kissing your promotion goodbye.
  4. Protect your reputation. No matter how many postgrad titles, excellence awards or big projects you have bagged if your colleagues think that you are a cheat or a suck-up, your career won’t fly.
  5. Keep it classy online. Since being online is part of our genes, make sure that what people can search about you are untainted. Remember that you are working for a company and it certainly upholds a certain degree of professionalism. Even if your social media account is yours and yours alone, respect the image of your employer by not ranting about your boss, dressing up and posing appropriately and associating yourself with the right crowd.


Reference: 14 Rules Of The New Workplace That Millennials Need To Master

photo credit to: http://www.businessinsider.com