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Ever wondered how people go from job to job without a hassle? Or are you struggling with finding a job but your friends are quitting their jobs and entering another one in just a few weeks? Then today’s your lucky day, sunshine! Gunnery Sergeant here is gonna show you how it’s done with some rifle grease and hand grenades!

So bring it on and let ‘er rip cause it’s time to lock n’ load!

#1. Color
Color is like music to the soul. Just the same way that the type of color and pattern on your camouflage uniforms hides you from the enemy, bright and vibrant colors can make your resume unique from the rest. Highlight key points and make them even more important key points bold in print. If you want an example of standing out from the rest, check out the British Red Coat or French Old/Young Guard or U.S. Continental Army uniforms of the 1700’s and you’ll see what I mean.

#2. Clutter
You need to get that clutter out of your footlocker or I will personally run you up that mountain until you drop dead of exhaustion, twinkletoes! And just like running up that mountain, you need to get unnecessary words and phrases out of your resume. Don’t add too much stuff, just what you need to survive. You need to remember an acronym we were taught in boot camp before you were born: KISS. Keep It Short and Simple. No mess, no fuss, just complexity in simplicity. Ya got that?

#3. Organize
When you’ve had work experiences, arrange them in order of year when you started till you ended and don’t leave them in shambles. The more organized they are the more the blood-sucking H.R. manager or interviewer will want you in the company as an asset. Do you knuckleheads understand that?!

Reference: Stand Out From the Pack With These 5 Creative Resume Hacks

photo credit to:http://mentalfloss.com