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Now, I wouldn’t know the first thing about working as a single mother. I’m a male who works in the government but based on the experience of single mothers I personally know, the Gunny Sergeant is here to tell you ladies all about it if you’re currently in that mess or are expecting a baby without your beloved.

So holster up and secure that weapon, darlings, cause it’s time to lock n’ load!

#1. Time

I’m told that before the time of the baby, these ladies would put on the thick make up and 5 or 6 inch heels and rock the night and roll to their homes. That all changed when the baby came and that’s when they became more in tune with time management. Time wasn’t part of the equation but now that it is, they’ve had to use time efficiently and effectively. Just like the military, ya got that?

#2. Energy

Before the baby began, energy was literally limitless for these ladies. They’d go shopping from one shop to the other for three days straight and then they’d drop dead from exhaustion. I know this personally as I know some women who can stay awake for three days as long as it’s a shopping spree. After the baby, they’ve had to use their energy wisely and that includes making the baby’s bed and changing clothes and diapers and even milk from the bottle or the other place.

#3. Responsibility

It’s true that one of my C.O.’s (Commanding Officers) once told me that a man that abandons his woman when she’s pregnant is an irresponsible coward. I agree with him wholeheartedly. Single mothers who were abandoned by their male counterparts are immensely responsible and that’s why some companies choose them in managerial roles as they are extremely good at the responsibilities you can throw at them.

Reference: What Pumping in My Company's Supply Closet Taught Me About Being a Working Parent

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