2018-08-06 00:00:00

Ever wondered how people get into conflicts yet resolve them almost as if nothing happened? Ever wondered how to solve it as if nothing happened? Well, sit back and relax, sunshine cause today’s you’re lucky day. Gunnery Sar’nt is here to show you how.

So hold on to your helmet and fire the cannon, Einstein!

photo credit to:https://www.monster.co.uk

1. Coins

Nope, this does not mean a coin toss. Rather, it means there are two sides to every story and therefore, it’s best you get the story from both sides and put two and two together. Sounds simple? Think again. You need to be a lawyer, judge and police officer all rolled into one and one of ‘em’s hard enough to chew let alone swallow. It’s best to become logical and analytical and do some lying tests to see what’s what.

#2. Intent

Some, if not majority of offices are generally in good faith and don’t cause much of a ruckus. However, there are some offices that don’t take kindly to a ruckus and like to spread it out further. In this case, it’s best you get your M4 ready and blast ‘em out with a ‘nade or some C4. But we aren’t in the Corps so you’ll have to improvise. You could use the snob tactic and ignore everything or just go to the Human Resource and take it there. Or you could solve it directly and confront the enemy. Ya got that, sugarplums?

#3. Forgive

Now, if you’re in the Corps, it’s difficult to forgive the enemy cause you just want to blast them to kingdom come with 155mm howitzers and a full Battalion of Mechanized Infantry. But forgiveness goes a long way in the office cause it means you’re keeping your points of interest and respect the other person’s interests and compromise the situation in both your favors.

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