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There are things that remain constant amidst generational differences and technological leaps. Some of these are the internet, lechon and adobo, the Philippine’s hot weather and job interviews. Yep, no matter how times have changed, the good old-fashioned face-to- face interrogation has been unfazed. Since there is no getting around it, you might as well hone not just your resume but your canned answers to pass any job interview.

Below are ways to answer 7 of the most common tricky questions hiring companies throw to test how you would react to the situation.

  1. “Tell me about yourself.” A very vague question that demands work-related answer. Don’t restate whatever has been written on your resume, they have already read that. Don’t also answer the question like you are having a fast talk or writing on slambook. Bring to the table the strengths, goals, and qualifications you have that make you fit for the job. Incorporate everything in a 2-3 minute elevator pitch starting with your assets as a professional and ending with how you can contribute to the company should they hire you.
  2. “Why are you leaving your current position?” Answer truthfully without badmouthing your previous employer. Hiring managers want to check how well you can keep your cool and keep things confidential even when the going gets tough. Give credit to your previous job as you learned some new skills then transition to what you find missing in your career path (again without being negative) and concluding it with a line that tells how much you look forward to this job offer in which you hope could fill whatever was missing before.
  3. “What is your asking price?” Always know your asking rate before going into any interview. Ask and research how much the people in the same field as yours earn. If you can’t find anything, set your asking price at 15% higher than your current pay. You also have to take into account inflation and the value of service you can give to the company. However, keep all these a secret. Never ever be the first to squeal a number. Tell them that you are still exploring the right fit and would love to hear how much they are offering. If it is beyond your range, well and good. If it is below, you can ask if this can be stretched and up to how much. If the answer is no, then have some time to decide whether the offer is worth the compromise or not.



Reference: How To Ace The Top 7 Most Common Interview Questions

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