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There are things that remain constant amidst generational differences and technological leaps. Some of these are the internet, lechon and adobo, the Philippine’s hot weather and job interviews. Yep, no matter how times have changed, the good old-fashioned face-to- face interrogation has been unfazed. Since there is no getting around it, you might as well hone not just your resume but your canned answers to pass any job interview.

Below are ways to answer 7 of the most common tricky questions hiring companies throw to test how you would react to the situation. (To read the 1st part of this article, click here)

4. “Why do you want to work for us?” Give specific answers to this type of question. The only way to do this is by getting to know the company thru research. Check its website, their press releases and the way the media and business sector see them. Look for the things that got you amazed and, if you can, provide ideas on how you can be a great addition to that particular aspect. Of course, you may have been drawn to a company based on the offer salary, benefits and work schedule. However, keep these to yourself. Put the company into good light by focusing on their impact to a greater audience.

5. “What is your greatest strength?” This is great time to showcase what you’ve got. Share the skills that you have that will make you a great candidate for the position you are applying for. You can share that your colleagues and previous superiors have attested on how important your skills were to make past projects successful.

6. “What is your greatest weakness?” While you want to take the reins answering the previous question, be modest with this one. Just provide one weakness (which is not really a weakness) such as being a workaholic or a perfectionist or too meticulous. This would show that you are really serious about your craft. However, if in all honesty you find that your weakness is really a weakness, end your sharing by providing efforts on how you are overcoming this and the latest milestone that you accomplished in defeating your weakness.

7. “Do you have any questions for us?” Show your gusto and enthusiasm by asking. Not asking when given an opportunity implies that you don’t care about the company and you are just testing the waters. One good example is asking what the key performance indicators are to guage if an employee in their company is successful or contributing to their growth.


Reference: How To Ace The Top 7 Most Common Interview Questions

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