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Ever had enemies in high school and college and wondered how they ended up in the same company as you? Well, then, today’s your lucky day! Gunnery Sergeant Hoo-Hah is here to teach you how to deal with an old enemy that now works in the same place as you do and what you’re supposed to do about it.

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So fire the catapult and get ready to storm the castle cause it’s time to lock n’ load!

      1. Personality. If the person has had a history of having the largest ego on earth, you’d best try to avoid getting into trouble in the first place. However, sometimes trouble inadvertently finds you and you had best prepare for hand to hand combat as these punks get ticked off by the slightest mumbo-jumbo that they disagree with.
      2. Performance. The recruit in question may be under performing and in my beloved Corps., that calls for an hour through my obstacle course. Sadly, we aren’t in my Corps., so that means you’ll have to tell them in many words or directly to the point that they are in danger of being terminated from active duty within the company and need to improve to retain their status.
      3. Private. Do this all in private because it’s a more professional way of dealing with people. You don’t want to embarrass them nor do you want them to feel low morale. Of course, if this was in my Corps., I wouldn’t give a wooden nickel what they’d feel. In my Corps., all men and women are equally worthless until I decide they are good Marines.
      4. Parental. You don’t need to be like me when I’m in my Corps., but you also need to act like a parental figure to the people in your workforce. Share camaraderie with them but be just and fair and know where the line is between superior and inferior.

Reference: A Person You Don't Like Applied to Your Company—Do You Tell HR the Truth?