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Getting a job means you’re stable. Not medically stable but just stable. The thing with this is, once you know every trick in and out of the book, life at work becomes monotonous, tedious and repetitive and you want to challenge yourself more. Fall in! Look lively! You lying, thieving scum! Gunnery Hoo-Ha is here to tell you how!

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1. Cases

This does not mean you go into the court and settle matters there. This means that you need to show your superior of the bloody boss himself/herself that when you have your own task yet want another one why you need another one. Put some effort into it, add a piece of paper or more and show them what you’ve got. Make sure you’ll keep the salary raise low or none at all. Ya got that?

2. Outcome

Now, there are only two ways this can end up. One, you put up a good fight and the boss liked it enough to grant you a greenlight on the project. OR, and this is a big OR, you tried your best and showed immense passion but failed miserably to persuade the master chief. Don’t worry about it. The boss is likely to give it to you if they said no because you came up with the initiative. Bosses like that.

3. Discreet

Being discreet is office work language for doing something extra secretly. You know, like search online for way to improve your inner circle or department and when the boss sees this, you’ll be the one to be rewarded for your efforts. Just remember to tell everyone in your department (or at least the head and authority figures) and get working on it immediately. You don’t and wouldn’t want anyone else to steal your idea, now, do you?

Reference: How to Ask Your Boss to Let You Work on Another Team's Project