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This is pretty much what you’ll be facing when you end up in the world outside of school. The real world, sugarplums. Not some fancy place that gives you twinkletoes a safe space to complain about. But not in my Marine Corps cause your safe spaces mean nothing to trusty Gunny!

So drop your fun and grab your gun cause it’s time to lock n’ load!


There’s an adage in the military I’d like all you scumbags to learn: “Intelligence is half the battle”. Good intelligence reports means a good attack on the enemy position and that means victory! So too when you’re dealing with civilians with different backgrounds that you’ll have to work with when you’re outside my beloved Corps! You gotta know who and what in the schnitzel your people are or else you’ll never succeed. Ya got that?

#2. People
Each individual you’ll work with will have problems. I was a former assistant supervisor and found out that some people got an attitude and some people are single parents and some people have clinical conditions like Type 1 Diabetes and you gotta learn how to manage them all. So I quit and came back to my beloved Corps to teach you maggots all about it.

#3. Communication
Remember how you’re always cute and cuddly with your significant other and communicate often so as not to lose that cutesy-tutesy? Well, the same is true for the majority of time you work with people in the civilian sector and that means you need good vocabulary and you need to be witty like your trusty Gunny. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Gunny, how do you get a good vocabulary?” Well, just read a book, Einstein, and you’ll nail the good words to keep your team motivated or you’ll have dead air moments. Do you maggots understand that?!

Reference:4 Things You Won’t Know About Working on a Cross-Functional Team Until You Do It

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