2018-01-08 00:00:00

We’ve all been there. You dress nicely. Your knees are weak and your arms are sweaty. You get nervous and it shows on your face. Then you meet the one barrier between you walking away and getting hired.

Don’t panic just yet, sugarplums, I’m here to tell you how to get it right.

  1. Turn off the Phone. No, really. When you’re sitting around waiting to be called, staff and employees will notice an unfamiliar face looking down at their genitals and smiling. This is a big no-no because inside the workplace, they don’t want you holding on to your beloved gadget while working. It’s just not good work ethics. Keep the phone off. It shows you’re not interested in petty gossip, you’re interested in getting the job.
  2. Look your best. Remember being on a first date? Always do your best to look good and stay fresh. This is because first impressions last. You want a good lasting impression on the company during your first time. Just don’t look too good. Don’t wear a full tuxedo or gown and don’t apply too much make up. The company might wonder why you look different during your interview than when you start working.
  3. Show your manners. Don’t treat them like you would your friends. This is a place of professionalism and stupidity and foolery will never be tolerated. If you’re the type of bloke who likes to make anything funny and not take anything seriously, I advise you to join the Marine Corps. Your friends will accept your stupidity but the company will not.
  4. Be prepared. Always bring your necessary materials with you. Never come to a job interview without your resume or you reference list. This shows that you are determined to and want to get the job. If, by some phenomenon unknown to science, that you forgot to bring them, it’s like a soldier without his weapon.


Reference: Tips the Scales in your Favor with these Interview Tips

photo credit to: https://www.entrepreneur.com.ph