2018-10-08 00:00:00

So you maggots think parenting is hard? Well, what’s so hard about that? Ever have bullets flying, people dying and help not coming? Still, I think I’m gonna have to give my campaign hat to Mrs. Gunny so she can show you maggots how to handle work and kids.

So grab the kids and holler out cause it’s time to lock n’ load!

photo credit to:https://www.care.com 

#1. Illness
Babies are one of the strangest things in life. They’re cute and cuddly but they can also be nasty especially when changing diapers and getting sick. A baby or kid might actually just get down into their foxhole or bed and let it all go. Which means mommies and daddies are gonna have to temporarily quit work for that day and take care of the little rugrats. Not in my beloved Corps. You go to sickbay or go home.

#2. Emergency
This can range from your kid lighting your house on fire or driving your other car without a license and crashing it. Or simply opening a can of sardines or turning on the doggone boob tube manually cause they destroyed the remote. It’s alright. Just accept the fact that they’re only kids and they’ll naturally break something and skip work. But I’ll tell you something: if you break my boob tube, you’re in for a world of hurt. Ya got that?

#3. Leave
There are some instances where leaving just ain’t the solution. Especially if you need to drive an hour or two just to get to work. I personally know someone who drives 2 hours a day to get to work and that’s why I’m glad I’m in the Corps. I sleep at work. However, when you do get news that your little rug rat is S.O.S. but can’t leave work cause of distance, just comfort them and resolve it later in the day. In my beloved Corps, though, I’d resolve you. Is that clear?

Reference: 4 Common Situations Working Parents Face—and How to Deal With Each One