2018-10-22 00:00:00

There was a 14 year old who invented a more fuel efficient and smaller nuclear powered reactor and that was a big hit with the science community. However, each one of us isn’t destined for greatness but we can certainly try. Eyes here! Secure your gear! Gunnery Sarn’t Hoo-Ha to tell you twinkletoes how to do it.

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So forget your teenage queens and grab your M-16! It’s time to lock n’ load!

1. Solo

This does not mean the thief Han Solo. So what does it mean, Gunny? Well, hold your horses, sunshine, cause I’m gettin’ there. When I mean solo, it means that you aren’t the only one. Those people are what are called lucky. In military jargon, that’s called a REMF: Rear Echelon MoFo. They get to do what most of us can’t and make us all suffer. Pretty neat for a bunch of REMF losers, huh?

2. Act

If you’ve watch Liam Neeson’s famous phrase from the 2005 movie Batman Begins, he said something about training is nothing and will is everything. The will to act. That’s beautiful! It’s the same thing I tell my recruits here in my beloved Marine Corps! Victory! Hoorah! You, as an individual, have the power of the Force and need to use it to your advantage and stop wasting time. Remember what Gandalf said: We all have to do decide what to do with the time that’s given to us. Ya got that, maggots?!

3. Solution

There are a thousand ways to skin a cat. And there are a thousand ways you can try to get yourself rich pretty quick. There’s fashion, food, automotive, electronics, sports, fishing, trucking and even networking. The only problem with all businesses, however, is tryna find the capital for it. You could take out a bank loan but you’d better be able to pay it back. Or you could save. Or whatever. This business talk is getting so hard, I’d rather just yell at my Marines! Do you understand?!

Reference: It's OK if You Look at Other People's Careers and Think "What Am I Doing?"