2018-01-29 00:00:00

Not all ideas are going to work for the company or even be considered. No matter how good you think you are or how good you think your idea is, sometimes, the big rigs just don’t like it or are unimpressed.

Majority of ideas are usually scrapped by big rigs because they feel it not necessary or the project could cost more than the profits or even research and development.

All guns commence firing, folks! The Sergeant is gonna teach you how to motivate yourself after your idea was rejected.

  1. Improvement. When another idea or product gets accepted over yours, don’t cry over spilled milk and move on. Try to improve the product or idea in ways the rest of the group couldn’t. Try to think out of the box or increase the size and color or features of the product or idea. All products can be improved and it’s up to you and your initiative to do so.
  2. Create. When an idea you made gets rejected and someone else’s idea gets accepted, make another idea or product. Or you could at least try to make a new idea. I did that in college thesis, however, all my ideas were ultimately rejected. But don’t worry, you could have better luck than me. You could even try to compliment the idea or product with your own new idea. Try, try, try again as Neville Chamberlain put it.
  3. Feedback. This is probably the most important part in trying to make a product. Feedback from people is going to affect the sales of said product so you’d best listen carefully and find out where to improve and what feature to remove. This could potentially make your product better so you could sell more.


Reference: 3 Career-Boosting Things to Say When Your Idea's Shot Down

photo credit to: http://www.commonsenseleadership.com