2018-10-29 00:00:00

Ever wondered what you wanted in life? A secretary? A boss? A financial advisor/accountant? A real estate salesman? A race driver? A blogger? Or even a raggedy-ass Marine! This is your lucky day, cupcakes cause Gunnery Sergeant Hoo-Ha is gonna give you some tips on how to choose the career that’s best for you!

So bring it on and let ‘er rip, sunshine! It’s time to lock n’ load!

#1. Time

Remember when you were at home and playing Half-Life and just devoting your time to killing every alien or soldier you saw? Well, bingo, sweethearts, you’re finally getting it in your head. The more time you put into learning about the career you want, the more likely your chances of succeeding in it. Not in my beloved Corps. Once you’re in, you leave thinking of victory!

#2. Progress

Now, this might be because you’re comparing yourself to others. That’s normal. Everyone gets a little bit competitive; I myself got competitive with my fellow Marines and I came out on top and that’s why I’m your trusty Gunny. But anyhoo, look back at your life and see what progress you’ve made. You might have even forgotten how far you’ve come to making other people jealous. Ya got that?

#3. Goals

Now, pay attention, couch potatoes, cause this is important. Have you had any goals in your life? Ever wanted to own multiple million-dollar companies? Or ever wish you could get that Aston Martin or Maserati in your garage or have a 10 storey mansion? I’ve got my goals and that’s to be a Gunny for as long as I live. Who else gets to pester you little chicken schintzels about life and getting jobs? The trick is to figure out what you want in life and go for it. Do you understand that?!

Reference: Ask a Career Changer: How Do I Pick a New Career Path When I Have Many Passions?

photo credit to: https://jobs.theguardian.com