2018-02-05 00:00:00

Now, we all know what happens. You dress up well, you be as formal as possible, you make a good lasting impression and you think you made it good but then you receive a text or call saying you didn’t make it. Or worse, you didn’t get a text or call; sometimes a week goes by and nothing happens.

All artillery guns commence firing! The Sarge is here to tell you how to ace your next interview, folks!

  1. Dress Code Portrayal. Dress according to how you want to be portrayed. Wearing Gray will mean you’re analytical and logical. Red will mean power. White means organized. Brown is dependable and Green, Yellow Orange and Purple will mean you’re creative. This will depend on the position you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a CEO position, obviously, wear Gray. If you’re applying for a blogger, wear Green, Orange or Purple. So on and so forth.
  2. Open Your Palms. Seriously, though. When you show open palms, this means you’re sincere about what you say and what you mean. When you put them together as if you were praying, it means confidence. When they’re together as if you were in a steeple, it means you’re hiding something. When palms are faced downward, they mean dominance. Tapping fingers means impatience and folding arms means disappointment or caution.
  3. Mirror Body Language. Ever noticed how you like or love someone, you tend to unconsciously follow their body language? Same thing applies here. If the interviewer is slouching, you’d slouch. If they have their body erect, ditto. If they lean closer, so would you. If they smile, likewise. It means there’s common ground and camaraderie between you and them and shows that you’re genuine, sincere and truthful about what you say and want to be part of the company.


Reference: 3 Sneaky Mind Tricks That Will Help You Ace the Interview

photo credit to: http://www.talentsmart.com