2018-02-19 00:00:00

As a male, writing about fashion is pretty much taboo and best left to the pros. However, I’ll swallow the bullet this once and try to help you with fashion blogs from a male perspective.

Now, I’m told that Dita Von Teese said that “High heels and red lipstick would put the fear of God into people.” No idea what this means or if it’s true but ok. I’ll agree so as to avoid arguments. (Seriously, gents. Arguing with a woman is like using foul language against a machine gun. It’s just unbeatable.)

Lock ‘n load, ladies! The Sarge is here to – try – to help you with your fashion blogs!

  1. Platform. No, this isn’t about platform heels. This is about looking for a website to start out. If you wanted to get paid, try using WordPress. Blogger and Tumblr are also popular sites to try out but I wouldn’t count on it, though. Remember to link any one of them to PayPal.
  2. Be Different. When I say be different, it’s like comparing Chocolate cake with Dark Forest cake. Or, rather, compare it between Nichido and Avon or M.A.C. and L’Oreal cosmetics. You have to have your own occupational specialty to stand out among the other fashion blogs out there. You may have to create your own unique photos of different styles or even design your website differently from the others.
  3. Be Yourself. No, seriously. When I started writing about autos, I used to copy Jeremy Clarkson’s style of writing. I still sort of do but I’m now fully independent and don’t read his books anymore and can manage on my own. You should too if you want to succeed in the fashion blogging industry or any blogging industry for that matter. Just be natural in anything you do and don’t let the naysayers drag you down. May the Heels be with you.


Reference: 6 Ways to Get Your Fashion Blog Off the Ground

photo credit to: https://www.blog.bake.co.ke