2018-11-19 00:00:00

So you think being an HR staff is easy huh? Well, you better get your head in the game, sunshine, cause it ain’t as easy as one-two-thu-ree. It’s much more difficult than that and your trusty Gunny is gonna show you how to keep the ball rollin’.

So pass the ammunition and open fire! It’s time to lock n’ load!

photo credit to: https://www.fastcompany.com

#1. Paper
That’s why they invented it. When you need to give someone the old “tough love” formula, this is one way of doing it without drawing too much attention. Believe it or not, your Gunnery Sergeant was an assistant HR clerk before joining the beloved Corps! And boy, did he have an awakening! Everyone thinks it’s difficult when they get a love letter from the HR but when you get a love letter from the Marines, you do not want to get a love letter.

#2. Label
A label is extremely important in a memo (or anything, really). When you label it, it’s as close to authentic as you can possibly make it because, even with advances in robotic and software technology, computers are incapable of doing something like that. It’s like the labels on an M-16 that show it’s from Colt and it’s got a few serial numbers and registration numbers here and there. Ya got that?

#3. Concise
Being very frank and direct to the point is one of the most efficient and stress free ways of getting a good memo out. It spares you the hassle of writing something so politically correct and justified writing and it also spares the individual of a miniature heart attack because they received a notice from the HR. Not in my beloved Corps. In my Corps, the instant you get a notice or a memo, you are basically as good as dead. Do you maggots understand that?

Reference: How to (Gracefully!) Handle All the Messy, Awkward Parts of Giving Notice at Work