2018-11-26 00:00:00

But not in my beloved Marine Corps! When you sign up, you join anything and everything, ya got that? But when we’re talking about the office or some other place you work in, you have the option of avoiding such things. And Gunnery Sergeant Hoo-Ha here is gonna tell you all about skipping work related social events.

So drop your fun and grab your gun, privates! It’s time to lock n’ load!

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#1. Emergency
This is the most common excuse for people who are too chicken and can’t make it properly in my beloved Corps. Some of ‘em end up in sickbay for nothing but a stomach pain. But then again, in the office or wherever the hollers you work in, signing up for an emergency is a great way to skip on those constant and useless social gatherings, right? So the next time you’re told to join a social gathering, tell them you’ve got an emergency. Ya got that?

#2. Family
The Marine Corps is your family. From the day you sign up till the day you buy the farm or resign, you have no other family than this. Then when you’re in the civilian sector, you end up with two families. It’s been said that family and friends over boss and for me, that’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo. But it works, so when you’re called to join these useless events, tell them you have a family appointment and take it off the salary.

#3. Thing
“It’s not my thing” is what I’ve heard of back when I was an ESL teacher, an assistant human resource guy and an assistant supervisor before I got a real job in the Corps. They normally say things that say they want to go but can’t because it just isn’t their thing or just doesn’t feel right to go. Well, good luck saying that when you’re in my beloved Corps.

Reference: Seriously, You Don't Have to Attend Every Work Social Event Your Company Hosts