2018-02-26 00:00:00

Some jobs offer you this and that amount of salary for this and that amount of time you work and this and that flexibility with schedules and that’d be very nice. However, most of the time, those are just invitations to get suckered into a company; a “come on”.

Hit the dirt and take cover, folks! Sarge is here to guide you on how to avoid making greenhorn job hunting mistakes. Pay attention cause this might save your butt.

  1. Talking. Now, there’s nothing wrong with talking during the interview. How else will you know a company is good or not and how else will the company know you’re good or not without communication? However, don’t be too swayed by the chance of getting paid high for working little. Chances are, they just want to use you and will never deliver their promises. Be wary of fancy talkers.
  2. Plan. When you have an interview, always plan ahead. What might the interviewer ask me or what can I reply in answer to their queries? What can I ask about them? These are just some of the questions that are on your mind the day before and on the day of the interview. Sometimes, interviewers are quick to find a greenhorn applicant and an experienced applicant by their answers and even the facial expressions alone.
  3. Phones. Now, phones aren’t a bad thing. They have become literally indispensable to the modern human being and you need one to survive in the modern world. However, there are some people who are foolish enough to use their phones while being interviewed (I’m not kidding) and even after they’ve passed, during the orientation and training, they keep their heads on their phones most of the time. This is grounds for getting you out.


Reference: 8 Job-Hunting Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make: Advice from the Pros

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