2015-08-18 12:21:10

1. Internal Recruitment

Did you just hear word that your company is looking to fill some vacancies above your position? Get yourself involved with the internal recruitment team! Submit your resume, take the examinations and interviews and wait for the results. At the very least JobBank.ph may not be able to help you at this stage yet, but the better chances you get employed, the better news it is for us!

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network designed for professionals. Think of Facebook focused more on promoting your resume, accomplishments and your career achievements. It's a great way to make noise about yourself that could reach both internal and external recruiters from any industry.

A great word of advice: Link your LinkedIn account with your JobBank.ph account, Facebook, Twitter and other social media network profiles for maximum exposure!

3. Create Noise On Social Media

Using your JobBank.ph account, spread a link to your profile on your social media account page. Recruiters often look for individuals in social media. Remember to update your social media account's with your current location, work status, previous job position and your professional activities. This will help support your JobBank.ph account's views from recruiters looking for someone like you.

4. Create A Blog

Create a blog in Wordpress, Tumblr, or any blogging service that you could link to your JobBank.ph account that you could consider as your website. Resume-oriented blogs, such as About.me are also effective for promoting your JobBank.ph profile to recruiters. Sign up for these services and get recruiters to find you immediately!

5. Get Referred

Some visitors of your social media account or some readers of your blog may leave links to refer you to recruiters. They may also leave your links with recruiters and human resource departments from their companies to try and reach out to you. Once the recruiters contact you, make sure to prepare your online resume and a soft copy of your actual resume for easier filing!


On JobBank.ph, you could upload your resume and use this to link to recruiters once they've emailed or made contact to you!