2018-03-26 00:00:00

We know that feeling. When a company higher-up or even the boss him/herself shows up to meet you, that means you’ve done something right. It means they’re willing to sacrifice their precious time to get to know you. However, for most of us, myself included, it’s most daunting and difficult.

Fall back, center peel, folks! The Sergeant is here to show you how it’s done!

#1. Products                                                                                    

This is the most obvious one. When a boss is selling something physical, try to get their product and advertise it. It could be a kiddie toy like the Rubix Cube or a new Barbie/Hello Kitty toy that isn’t garnering the sales it was forecasted to do. Take pictures and post it on social media. Give it the attention it deserves or refer it to a popular social media site. It might seem awkward and even odd at first but eventually, with persistence, you’ll get there. Who knows? You might just get lucky.

#2. Connections

Ok, this is a tad bit difficult. When you have connections you pretty much have power. However, majority of us don’t seem to have this and therefore, isn’t really a good way to roll. If you do have connections, though, use them to the max. Make them buy the product and refer you to the seller. Or use them to help you get to the big rigs. It’s pretty much that easy.

#3. Resources

This is tricky but not impossible. Say, you follow them on Twitter and they just so happened to say that they’re having a bad time. This is your chance to shine. Introduce them to an inspiring video or show them a good book that’ll match the current situation that they’re in. It won’t necessarily be read; I tried it with Elon Musk’s Twitter account but never got a reply. Still, just keep going. You just never know when you might get lucky.


Reference: 5 Tricks for Getting Powerful People to Come to You (Seriously)

photo credit to:https://www.fastcompany.com