2019-01-07 00:00:00

So you students think that, you got a Cum Laude, you’re best in the world? You think that because of that, you’re untouchable? Well, congratulations,  welcome to reality. I’ve seen folks like you eaten up and spat out by the beloved Corps cause you’re too spoiled. But what kind of training is this if your trusty Gunny didn’t help you figure out what’s wrong with you?

So get into position and wait for my go, ladies! It’s time to lock n’ load!

photo credit to: https://www.inc.com

#1. Path
Now, normally, when I send people to check the path, I send pathfinders. But we aren’t in the military, now, are we? The reason why top students can’t make it as an employee is because they can’t figure out the right career path for them to take. They normally think that, since they’ve been top notchers in school, they deserve better than minimum wage. Do you get me?

#2. Ace
Now, if you’re an ace in school (or even an ace in the military), everyone thinks of you highly. Think of General George Patton or Tiger Ace Michael Wittmann or Soviet sniper Vasily Zaitsev. These folks were respected in their day and that may be but sometimes, it isn’t enough. You need good people skills and good leadership to make people look up to you. How do you think I made it to be your DI to help you to ultimate victory! Hoorah!

#3. Politics
Now, only the President of the United Council of Jobseekers can command me to go to war but that doesn’t mean you’re spared from office work politics. It’s a strange mix when you’re there. That’s why I joined the Jobseeker Marine Corps to give you advice AND because politics is whatever the President wishes it to be. Ya got that?

Reference: Great Students Don’t Necessarily Make Great Employees—Here’s Why