2018-04-02 00:00:00

Ah, adulthood. It can be boring at times. That’s cause adults have lost most of their energy and are now more relaxed than the old hyper-active sods and yobs they once were. It’s ironic, though. When we’re kids, we want to be adults but when we do become adults, we want to be kids again.

Eyes here! Secure your gear, folks! Sarge here is gonna show you kiddos how adults live and work as adults! Do you maggots understand that?!

#1. Time

When we were young we often think that being just a few minutes late didn’t really matter. That’s cause you lot are mostly irresponsible sods that lack basic discipline! If it was up to me, you’d all be sent to boot camp and train until you die! But it isn’t so you little twinkletoes better start getting to work on time or I’m sending you on a 5 mile run in full combat gear!

#2. Dress

Going to work wearing “decent” modern clothes, i.e. short-shorts and spaghetti straps and flats for the ladies and sneakers and shorts and plain shirts for men are fine for the young generation. But once you get to adulthood, you maggots better start wearing more professional clothes. It has been said throughout millennia that you must “dress your age” and I heartily concur. You are what you wear.

#3. Respect

There won’t be that much fancy talk or unnecessary gossip when you reach adulthood and work in an adult-type set up. There may be a few quirks here and there but on the whole, little time is devoted to unnecessary things. Sure, it’s fine when you’re young. You’re full of energy and you want to scream and shout and let it all out and that’s normal. However, when you are working in or are working with adults or if you are an adult, it’s all about the respect. Respect begets respect.


Reference: The 9 Rules of Being an Adult at Work

photo credit to: http://www.openculture.com