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That’s what we want in a company right? When we apply, we want to grow in all ways we can and obviously not for free. We grow but also get paid. But there are also quite a lot of companies out there that don’t care about the workforce.

Buckle up, buttercup! The Sarge is here to tell you how to tell if you’re working for a good company or a bad one!

#1. Title

What’s your job description? Well, you could be anything from a teller to a janitor or a COO or general manager. Apart from that, the company would try to increase your knowledge to further your potential. Say, you’re a sales lead researcher. But you want to grow and ask your supervisor, who relays it to the higher ups and they give you extra stuff for a better future and better looking resume.

#2. Salary increase

This is the most important part of getting a job, make no mistake. You cannot do anything without money. Except breath or something. You cannot take your lover out on a date without money and you can’t support a family without a salary raise. And in relation to #1, when you’re given extra tasks and a salary raise, you’re in the right place. However, if you’re given extra tasks at no extra cost, you should be on DEFCON 1.

#3. Attracts

What attracts you to the company? I can’t answer that for you, twinkletoes, because that’s a very subjective question. Each individual is attracted to a particular company for various reasons and the adage, “to each, his own” applies heavily here. Although, one thing in common for all of you with regards to this question is that you want to pursue your dreams.


Reference:How I Found a Company That’s Invested in My Growth

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