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Well, don’t we have a butter bar over here? So, you’ve finally lost your hold on the business and since it failed, how will you make money? You gotta sell yourself and make an impression and work the dreaded “8 to 5” job and your trusty Gunny is here to take you through the process of going back to the grind.

So get ready to take a bead and squeeze off a few!

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#1. Role
What do you think best suits you as an employee? Are you a good typist or orator? Can you work maths or repair hardware? Do you have any transferrable skill at all? Or maybe you could work as a supervisor? All these things can be had if you’ve got the skill or if you’re just so lucky. Like if a company is in desperate need of a position, they’ll take anyone. And another thing: you could use your experience as an entrepreneur to your advantage in the company which leads to ultimate victory! Hoorah!

#2. Paper
Now, writing your resume isn’t as easy as one, two and three. It’s difficult because you have to sort where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You must highlight yourself. You must minimize your weaknesses, if at all. You must be courteous and polite and give valid contacts as references. Also, you must make it as juicy as possible to make a good impression on the company. But remember, you must perform as good as your paper says. Ya got that?

#3. Questions
This is the most important bit. This is where the battle truly begins and you’ll need to bring in the big guns, tanks and artillery included! You need to prepare for the possible questions the interviewer will most likely ask you and you need to come up with appropriate answers. All of this is for you to win the war and get the job! Next thing you know, you’ll be walking down 8 th and I, ready to do or die and holding ‘em high!

Reference: How to Sell Yourself as an Employee After Being an Entrepreneur