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Gunnery Sergeant Mrs. Hoo-Ha is gonna fill in for me right now. Why? Because I don’t know anything about this topic, that’s why! Alright, Hoo-Ha here! Have you gotten pregnant and want to return to work? Well, wouldn’t you just like to know!

So grab your bottle and try to cuddle! It’s time to hug and kiss!

photo credit to:https://www.workingmother.com

#1. Patience
Alright, girls, having a baby can be joy of joys but when it comes to making money, you’ll need to be patient with the little rug rat because babies can be very demanding of your time. In fact, it’s a miracle I’m still in the Workplace Marines after all that. But anyway, you should give yourself some breathing room too; take time away from the baby and from work. See how tough women are? *Looks at Mr. Gunny*

#2. Boundaries
You also need to take time from your group or team whenever necessary. The reason is so that you can have time for your baby (who will take up quite a lot of your time, mind you) but also have time for the team. You can also try to bring the baby during out-of-work meetings and I assure you, everyone will try to get cutesy tutesy with it. It’s just so adorable. 

#3. Self
Also, the most important thing to take care of when having a baby is yourself. It might sound counterproductive and counterintuitive but how else is the baby going to be cared for when you drop dead from exhaustion? Or when you’re starving and the baby needs to be fed, who you gonna call? Mommy and daddy won’t be here to help you, sweetheart, so you gotta learn to have time for yourself as well all while keeping the baby your top priority as well as your job. You gotta make money to feed yourself and the baby not to mention the hubby. 

Reference: 8 Tips for Going Back to Work After a Baby, From a Parent Who’s Been There