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Being a manager is the dream job of quite a lot of people. It usually implies office work, fancy uniforms and the status of being a white collar worker. Well, don’t jump the gun, twinkletoes. I personally supervise 11 people and it isn’t as easy as you might think or expect.

LOADER-LOAD- SABOT-NOW! GUNNER-SABOT- TANK, FOLKS! The Sarge here is gonna teach you how to help a manager manage things while on their baby steps!

#1. Example

Remember being a kid and looking up to your parents during the good and bad times? Well, you’re in luck, sunshine, cause being a manager is no different. You have to lead by example and that means being clever, witty and a quick thinker. Think you have what it takes? Trust me, you have to pretend to be holy once in a while to get them to trust you.

#2. Relationships

This is possibly the most difficult because, since you’ve only just started being a manager, chances are you’ve made close or best friends prior to your manager-ness. These relationships must go out the window or keep them only for events outside of work. You must be professional in your managerial role and not let personal relationships cloud your judgement over business matters.

#3. Delegation

Ever felt like doing everything by yourself? It ain’t easy, believe me. That’s exactly why the company hires people so you can delegate specific tasks to them based on their aptitude and completed college course. If you’ll do everything yourself, you might as well drop dead. You can’t.

#4. Trench warfare
Being a new manager, it’s likely that you fought in the trenches; “down and dirty” as it were. But like the Army says, your rank will not spare you from combat and this means, even if you’re high up the business ladder, you may have to fight again.


Reference: The Trick to Working With a First-Time Manager (Who's Struggling)

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