2019-01-23 00:00:00

Technology is amazing. Night vision and infrared goggles. ACOG and EOTech red dot sights. Individual radios. Rifle mounted lasers. Technology makes life easy for the average grunt or jarhead and it makes life easy for civvies as well. And who better to tell you all about it than Gunny, huh?

So strap yourselves in and armor up! 

photo credit to:https://www.inc.com

#1. Fridge

Ah, love is an open door, right? That rings true for people who don’t exercise and are just keyboard warriors as well as couch potatoes watching the latest bird box craze. The smart fridge allows you to use your phone to monitor what’s in the fridge because the fridge scans the barcode of each product and can warn you when you’ll run out. Also, you can use your smartphone to order what needs to be ordered. Now, ain’t that simple?

#2. Lighting

This is a smart light system that allows you to install a light bulb with a small brain to a lamp and control it wherever you are in the world provided you have internet connection. You could turn on your lights even if you’re on the other side of the world and I’ve been told that these things last as long as LED’s. Start buying these lights now.

#3. Cars

Now, I’m not referring to the Smart Fortwo micro car. I’m referring to a car that can drive itself, a self-driving car. Ok, I’ll give you a break because self driving technology is still in it’s infancy, ya got that? But manufacturers like Tesla and Mercedes and BMW are already developing these things and it’s been said that Tesla cars can drive themselves. 

Reference: 5 Ways Tech Can Make Your Life Easier