2019-01-25 00:00:00

It keeps people working properly. That’s precisely why I teach my raw recruits how to clean their bunk beds and equipment from day one in order to operate properly. In the civilian workplace, a dirty workplace encourages bad work habits and a clean workplace encourages good work habits. 

So let’s get ready for hand to hand combat! 

photo credit to: https://www.thisisinsider.com

#1. Vision
Imagine how you’ll work in a workplace. Imagine soldiers in full combat gear crawling in the mud in heavy rain being yelled at. You don’t like that do you? Now, imagine a clean, air-conditioned room free from the elements and people like me yelling at you. Pretty neat, huh? So, in order to keep that cleanliness, you have to maintain it to keep it clean. Wouldn’t wanna be breathing in all that dust shuffling old books, do you?

#2. Relax
In the office, it’s usually a relaxing place to work in. I’ve been there. The only reason why I left is because it got boring; that’s why I joined the Workplace Marines! Hoorah! But relax to a point. When you have a clean office desk/place, workers tend to be too relaxed and it’s important to remind them of deadlines and challenge them. There’s a fine line between being too relaxed and too hard working.

#3. Storage
Now, you need to store your things in a nice, organized manner. Much like the Improved Load Bearing Equipment and Improved Modular Tactical Vest my troops wear into combat (to organize their food, water, ammo, sleeping bag and spare clothes), you too need to find a way to get your place organized. Try to find or buy a cabinet for yourself to keep things in check. Do you get me?

Reference: The Benefits of “Tidying Up” Your Work Life—Marie Kondo-Style