2018-05-07 00:00:00

You’re not learning anything new anymore. You’re doing the same monotonous, tedious and repetitive thing every single day since you started. Well, saddle up, sugarplum cause have I got things to teach you or what?

So let’s get ready to storm the castle! It’s time to lock n’ load!

#1. Company
Maybe it’s because you’re fed up with the aforementioned reasons? Maybe you see no growth in your life inside the company? Maybe it’s because you’re not challenged anymore? It can also be different reasons and for that, you’ll have to figure out how to leave. Anyone with half a brain stem could figure that out for themselves, cupcake.

#2. Manager
This is also a great excuse to leave the company if you’re not learning anything new under the sun. However, under the ground, there are things you couldn’t even begin to imagine. Take for instance, if said manager isn’t being as receptive as they once were or are now too preoccupied with “other matters” that you’re no longer their priority. It could also be because they no longer need to teach you anything else but that. It’s your job description, after all.

#3. Self
Now, this is important because, as it has been said by the great Master Oogwey and Master Shifu that all enemies are within. Search your soul and spirit. What is it you seek? Perhaps it is also because you just don’t like the damn job and want a new challenge.

#4. Work
You no longer love your work. It’s very easy during the interview to say “yes” everytime the interviewer asks you a question. Then when you get to your job, you see all sorts of challenges and try to find ways to solve problems and end up being so good, even the toughest problems are a walk in the park. If that’s the case, mount up and get outta dodge!


Reference: What to Do When You Realize You’re No Longer Learning at Your Job

photo credit to:https://toughnickel.com