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Want that dream job and stuck in the wrong place? You’ve signed a contract and must finish or else you’re not going anywhere with a good record. Then, when you finally decide to quit, you’re face with what skills you can use to transfer to your new job.

So get your pens ready and your papers where I can see them, twinkletoes, cause it’s time to lock n’ load!

#1. Love

You should love what you’re doing. Of course, some people might end up being cashiers or sales people or even baggers in the mall but you should still love your work. It’s been said that when you love your work, you won’t even realize how hard it is. Use this to identify what you want to do in life aside from being what you are now and try to upgrade. What do you really want to do?

#2. Qualities

This is important in the new job you’re looking to work in because it’ll give them a rough estimate of how you’ll perform. It could be honesty, flexibility, qualifications, persistence, communication skills and many, many more. This will determine if you’re good enough for the company or need some more polishing. If you’ve got all these qualities and more, get ready to lock n’ load but if you haven’t, you might want to start practicing.

#3. Experience

Your work experience will play a big role in your new job or dream job. The more the years under your shoulders, the better the pay and environment. At least that’s the general rule. Take note that that isn’t always gonna be the case. They might ask for 5 years or more experience but pay you minimum wage an hour when you should be getting more.


Reference: How 5 Former Teachers Applied Their Skills From the Classroom to New Careers

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