2019-01-29 00:00:00

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How many people you see in your workplace that’s old? That’s right, numbnuts: a whole bunch of them! But when you’re the recruiter, you can follow your Gunny’s advice and select any one of any age bracket to prevent any form of bias or favoritism.

So eyes here and secure your gear! It’s time to lock n’ load!

1. Age

You might be thinking; “Gunny, you’re a hypocrite”. Well, hold on, cupcake, I’m gettin’ there. When you hire someone, make sure to add a few young folks, middle aged folks and also the old folks who are about to retire. My advice for you, though, is to select more of the young to middle aged ones cause they’ll be the ones to replace the old folks. Makes me wonder where I’ll be when I retire from the Workplace Marines.

2. Description

What does your contract say? To kill the enemy, that’s what! But it only applies to the beloved Corps and you’re not in the Corps. So you better pay attention to your job description. Some of them say you are xoxo and some say xixi and some say xaxa or whatever. The important part is to give your troops a job description that matches their age. An example is supervisory for the middle age, research for the old folks and manual labor for the young and uninitiated. But there are exceptions. Ya got that?

3. Outreach

You should not, repeat, should not limit yourself to fresh grads or something I’d like to call raw recruits. Reach out to everyone of all ages, races, creeds, genders and religions. A common mistake for new recruiters is that they limit only to those who have experience. Well, lemme ask you something, Private Part: how do you expect folks to get experience if you don’t give them a chance? Give everyone a chance and I mean everyone who’s qualified and as long as the company is hiring. Do you maggots understand that?

Reference: 9 Tips to Prevent Ageism in Hiring (Even if You Didn’t Realize it Was There)