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Going to an interview is something of a phenomenon that science has never been able to fully understand. However, with a few simple tricks, a little intelligence gathering and the Sarge is here to guide you, you can figure out how to pass your next interview.

So pass the ammunition and open fire cause it’s time to lock n’ load!

#1. Audience
There’s a very useful adage in the military and that’s “know your foe”. The basis is to know something about the company and what it does, what it sells and what it’s products and services are. Take time to figure out all these things and you’ll be making the interviewer drink water like crap through a goose!

#2. Questions
This is probably the most important part of the interview. The asking of the questions. Why? Well, it’s how the company know something about you, twinkletoes. Ya got that? Be prepared to blather on for a few minutes, especially if they ask you something like “tell me about yourself”. That’ll eat up quite a lot of time, believe me. It’ll take up so much time you’d wonder why there was time left to spare.

#3. Dress
Dressing up properly for the occasion is definitely part of the standard operating procedures. When going to an interview, do not over dress and look like a manager. Dress appropriately. A pair of slacks with black shoes and a polo-shirt or even semi formal is fine and a dress with some heels should do. Ladies, don’t wear too much make up.

#4. Mind
Remember in boot camp when all I ever did was yelling at you in your face all day and all night? Well, today’s no different, Einstein, cause you still need to keep your head in the game or else you’ll buy the farm. Do you worms understand that?


Reference:The Ultimate Interview Guide: 30 Prep Tips for Job Interview Success

photo credit to: https://yourstory.com