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When you’ve been through a bad boss, you want to leave immediately, don’t you? Trust me, I had a bad boss once and I’m glad I left. They’re just horrible and saying that is an understatement and putting it lightly. Still, you gotta ask some sneaky questions when the company asks you.

So get ready to fire the nuke cause it’s time to lock n’ load!

#1. Employee

What is your ideal employee? When this question is asked, there are several answers to this. Some might be clever and avoid the question all together and some may answer it as cleverly as you (or not) and some may turn hostile. Still, if the company asks you if you’ve got questions, here you go.

#2. Process

How do you evaluate employees and process them? This should be a priority when given the opportunity. If there isn’t any clear answer or if it’s vague, you know what to do. If they explain in detail how they evaluate their employees, you may either be in a deceptive company or a truthful company. If it’s explained in detail, your only choice is to see what happens.

#3. Length

What’s the turnover rate? This is going to have to be said cleverly and not blatantly. Again, if you get a vague answer or if their avoiding the question, they’re either hiding something or don’t want you to know too much. If they are honest (which is highly unlikely), at least you’ve got a sense that this isn’t going to be very good for your future career path.

#4. Style

What’s the management style? If it’s autocratic and authoritarian, leave. Just leave. No sense working for someone who thinks he/she is a god in their company. If it’s run with a bit of democracy and autonomy, well, there’s no need to tell you anything else.


Reference: 10 Questions to Ask in Your Next Job Interview to Avoid (Another) Toxic Boss

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