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Millennials are by far the most ambitious, thirsty and sometimes impatient generation to get to the top of the corporate ladder. Their minds are a warehouse of countless dreams and goals (#relationshipgoals, #bodygoals, #travelgoals, etc.) that they want to fund all of these in a snap. Unfortunately, the world is not made of immediate gratification. Hard and wise work are always needed to succeed. And this post is for you, dear millennials, on how to strategically go through work with patience and grace to eventually go higher in your career.

1. Showcase Your Skills

Be confident with your strengths, specialty and skills and offer these to companies. Add value to your work by giving more of what you got and in no time you will be recognized and promoted. Value is everything.

2. Associate Yourself With The Right People

Get out of your clique zone and start learning from those who works better than you, gets paid higher than you and has worked longer than you. They have the the wisdom on how they made it to where they are now. This will remove your focus on work complaints and redirect it to higher aspirations and goals.

3. Success Is Not A Straight Line

Sometimes you get promoted sooner than you think; sometimes you get stuck longer than you think. Sometimes you get to showcase your leadership; sometimes you need to follow someone else. Sometimes you get to go to conferences abroad; sometimes you have to finish tons of paperworks. They are all part of the process. These instances teach you how to see work and life as dynamic and full of surprises. The only thing that you should do is enjoy the ride. Every circumstance has a beautiful lesson waiting to be learned for your own good.


Reference: A Millenials Guide To Millenial Guides

photo credit to: http://silicon.nyc