2019-02-18 00:00:00

photo credit to: https://hbr.org

Listen up! Ever wondered how two or single parents get up early for work and still have time for their babies and other things in their life Then this is your lucky day!

So drop your fun and grab your gun cause it’s time for lock n’ load!

#1. Compartmentalize
Wonder why ships are filled with corridor after corridor? It’s called compartmentalization and it was designed in WWII to make it more difficult for battleships, battlecruisers, destroyers and frigates to get sunk. The same thing goes for you when you’re handling more than one thing like waking up early, cooking, driving to work, taking care of Gunny Jr. and answering to the scumbag customer and many other factors that affect your day. You have to compartmentalize. 

#2. Priority
Ever wonder how falling in love makes you all tingly on the inside? That’s because you’re giving your significant other a priority. Without priority, love hits the roadblock. And it’s the same darn thing when it comes to handling your daily routine from home to work and back again. You gotta prioritize what’s more important for you in order for you to be more successful at handling your job and your family. It ain’t easy, believe you me, but at least you know you’re heading for success and victory! Hoorah!

#3. Temporary
Nothing lasts forever. Everything you see on you and around you is going to rot one way or another. Especially humans because we’re nothing but 70% water which means, we’ll rot faster than concrete or wood. The same can be said for when you’re having problems. No amount of problems last forever. 

Reference: Working Parents, Here’s How to Feel Less Overwhelmed and More in Control (Because You’ve Got This)