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Ever had difficulty working in your workplace? Have you been met with hostilities and/or have felt a hostile environment? You’ve come to the right place. The Workplace Marines are always ready and always faithful. Semper Fi! Here in my beloved Corps, everyone is treated equally. And that’s what I’m here to talk to you for.

So get ready to storm the castle! It’s time for lock n’ load!

photo credit to: https://hackernoon.com

#1. Champion
Everyone wants a champion. In any sport or event or even your personal life, you want to be a champion. So, if you’re in a diverse workplace and you feel a hostile environment, try to ask for more diversity. More women and LGBTQI or colored people or different races in the workplace. But remember that here in the Marines, discipline is not lost on anyone regardless of their race, color, creed or gender. 

#2. Sponsor
Sponsors are just that. They sponsor people with whom they see potential in. It’s similar to how Marines are selected for Scout Sniper or Force Recon. Only the troops with the best aptitudes and attitudes are selected for such training. The same thing goes for sponsors who think you’re good enough for a higher position or from a group that isn’t as privileged as other groups. 

#3. Advocate
You need to be a very die hard supporter for this because an advocate is the one who goes public about their beliefs in diversity. Also, when you become an advocate, you inadvertently become a defacto spokesperson to the group you’re advocating for. It basically means you’re an activist. Think of Gilber Baker or Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Personally, I think everyone in Murica should be armed but that’s my own opinion. 

Reference:7 Examples of What Being an Ally at Work Really Looks Like