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You can’t escape it. It’s like being in combat with pitch black and can’t see your hand in front of your face and your weapon jams so you need to field strip it. Working with negative employees is the same thing. And your trusty Gunny is gonna show you how it’s done like a pro.

So swab the cannon and load HE cause it’s time to lock n’ load!

photo credit to:https://www.inc.com

#1. Inward
It’s been said that the first enemy to conquer is yourself. And that’s true. How else do folks like you and me go through the Corps if you can’t conquer yourself? Also, when dealing with negative people, try to understand them first before you push them into something. They’ll eventually open up and see that you’re sincere in trying to make them grow. But not in my beloved Corps. You will get yelled at if you have a problem with me and you’ll have to give me 25 push ups! 

#2. Part
This is a reference to a piece of the pie. Notice how everyone always wants a pizza? Heck, when I served, I wish we had pizza MRE’s but it wasn’t until I’d retired that they started issuing them. But on a position reversal, don’t add to the problem of the person who’s already negative. They tend to take it personally and might even have secret grudges against you for adding to their problems. Ya got that?

#3. Feedback
Get their feedback. When they have something to say, let them be heard like in a conference and let them speak their mind. It makes them feel powerful and allows them a small inkling of feeling wanted and have a voice in the group. Let them speak out what’s wrong and what’s bothering them. If they can’t do it in a group, do it in private. You’re the captain of this platoon after all, aren’t you?

Reference: How to Deal as a Manager When Someone on Your Team Is Super Negative