2019-02-22 00:00:00

So you’ve finally saved up enough money to make your own business. Well, congratulations to ya, Einstein, you broke all the odds and are one step away from driving an Aston Martin or a Honda. And here’s how to do it.

Photo credit to: https://www.entrepreneur.com

So drop your socks and grab your crocks! It’s time to lock n’ load!

1. Profit

The end goal of any business is to make a profit. I graduated as a business major before I joined the Corps so I know the lingo. And on that note, you need to find a way to make more than just one means of profit. You need to diversify your business revenue. I know what you’re thinking: “Gunny, how’s it done?” Well, put your armor on, cupcake, cause I’m getting there. How you do it is more or less dependent on the market trends. That’s the general rule. Sometimes, though, a new thing now will be a trend later. You gotta act fast and think hard. Ya got that?

2. Adapt

As a Marine, you are not allowed to die! You are the best fighting force in the world! And as such, you need to adapt to the combat situation at any time! When you’re in the business sector, you are never in control of the market and whenever the market shifts, you gotta shift too. When the market wants folding phones, make folding phones. It’s like switching to your sidearm when entering a small room where your rifle would get hung up or stuck or it’s too long to maneuver properly.

3. Risk

It’s always a risk going into business. You need capital and that’s usually hard earned or loaned from a blood sucking bank. It’s best you go for a light to moderate risk as it won’t be so painful to your wallet. Try to “test the water” first before committing all your resources to a particular business. Food, energy, fashion, electronics and solar are all viable businesses to pursue to lead you to absolute victory! Hoorah!

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