2019-02-22 00:00:00

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It’s a no brainer. Everyone wants a job (unless you’re an entrepreneur/businessperson). That being said, let’s find out what you need in order to get hired for the job and that’s exactly why your trusty Gunny is here. To talk to you about it, that’s what!

So drop your rucks and stand-to, numbnuts! It’s time to lock n’ load!

1. Competency

Forget about diversity and all that liberal stuff, if you’re not qualified, you’re not getting the job, sweetheart! Now, what’s about this competency? It shows that you have the necessary skills and aptitude to be in a particular position in the company, duh. I learned this from a human resource head: “No skill, no job” and that pretty much sums up how important competency is in getting a job. If it’s all diversity, imagine a dentist trying to build a rocket that goes to space. Or imagine a seamstress trying to build a tank. See what I mean?

2. Problem-solving

Can you solve a difficult problem in record time? Well, it’s not really necessary to be a prodigy but you get what I mean. When you can solve problems, even little ones that no one else can, you can stand out among the rest and that’ll please the management. Also, it proves that you’re willing to take on challenges to get the job done. Who wouldn’t want a challenge, right?

3. Multitask

Think of yourself as a walking computer. Can you do more than one thing simultaneously? This is especially tricky to us guys because we’re hotwired from evolution to focus on generally one thing and nothing else. Women have an edge when it comes to multitasking and I’ve seen it happen and Mrs. Gunny is proof. They can talk on the phone, feed their baby and listen to the tv all at the same time. A multitasking employee is a beneficial employee. Do you maggots understand that?

Reference: Real Managers Share the Qualities That Make Them Say "Yes!" to Hiring English Majors