2019-02-26 00:00:00

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You’re at work. Bored to death. Have a quota but can’t complete it. Staring blankly into the computer screen. Freezing due to the aircon. Well, that’s why I joined the Workplace Marines, numbskull! Those things are generally out of control for you and here’s your Marine Corps guide to controlling things that are out of your control!

So stand at attention and present arms! It’s time for lock n’ load!

1. Relax

The first thing to do is to just relax and not panic. It’s been said (and proven in combat) that when a trooper panics, they’re as good as dead. So, when you’re stuck in a situation like this, it’s best to just relax and find a solution with a sober mind. When you panic, you lose all sense of reason and rationalization and therefore, might even get yourself killed. Do you get me?

2. Respect

The force making you lose it is to be respected. Why? Because it’s strong enough to cause you a disturbance, that’s why. It’s like going up against another army. You never know what they’ve got until you’re in combat with them. However, you can respect this problem or this force against you, but you can still give this force something to recon with. Like a light bulb that’s constantly flickering. If your office won’t do it, do it yourself. You’re a Marine after all! Ya got that?

3. Appreciate

Appreciate that this force is strong enough to make you uncomfortable. And then you learn from it. I know I’m your Gunny, but I’ve had my fair share of love songs and I’d like to remind you of one of Kelly Clarkson’s best songs, Stronger. It if ain’t gonna kill you, it sure as heck isn’t gonna make you weaker. If you’re the fighter type, you’ll come out of this mess with all guns blazing! Hoorah!

Reference: 7 Things Killing Your Productivity Today (That Are Completely Out of Your Control)