2019-03-04 00:00:00

There’s no question about it. Most of the people (about 99%, more or less) are so hung up on losing that they don’t see how to use the loss as a gain. But what do Workplace Marines do? Do we quit? Do we go home to mommy? No, we keep surging forward, that’s what! And Gunnery Sergeant Hoo-Ha is gonna show you maggots how it’s done!

Photo credit to: https://www.entrepreneur.com

So fix bayonets and get ready to charge! It’s time to lock n’ load!

1. Accept

Accept that you’re a weakling. That’s what we do when you start Day One in the Corps. We put you under the thumb morning, noon and night! But after it all, it turns losers into warriors! Heck, after you accept your weakness and go through the Corps, you’ll be praying for war! So too should be your attitude when you face your weakness. It could be a bully at school or work or simply a spider or a cockroach. Ya got that?

2. Plan

Plan your strategy with how you’ll get through it all. And don’t just go crying to mommy cause in this world, there ain’t none when you’re on your own! Do you maggots understand that? Think of soldiers or special forces. When they get attacked by a larger force, what do they do? Do they run and hide? No! Do they surrender? No! They shoot back with massive, overwhelming firepower! Hoorah! You need to figure out how to plan your victory. Ya got that?

3. Prepare

Prepare to take losses. In the combat zone, it’s normal to take losses. Heck, you might even lose an entire company or battalion. But that’s pretty normal. No hugs and kisses in war. The thing you have to remember is, after you’ve lost a few battles, stand back up again and keep fighting. Do we understand each other? Hoorah!

Reference: How One Company Finds Strength in Adversity