2019-03-06 00:00:00

Don’t you be thinking that I’m apologizing for being your trusty Gunny. How else would you maggots have gotten this far without my rants and tirades? This blog is about how your managers apologize when they’ve made a mistake. They’re only human after all.

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So strap yourselves in and fly with the zoomies, it’s time to lock n’ load!

1. Email

An individual email is a great way for managers to apologize to, well, an individual. However, for a more serious mistake, a group email would be more appropriate. Or even go apologize to the whole group in person. But you’re in an office space so an office-way-of-apologizing is more appropriate. But not in my beloved Corps. When I apologize, all you maggots are gonna run through my obstacle course! Do you get me?

2. Team

This is normally called friendly fire. Your team gets hit by another friendly unit or one of the people in your own unit. The office has something similar and that’s when an entire team works on something and the team leader or someone lower in company rank gives you the slip. When that happens, arrange an emergency meeting or wait till the next one. The military has court martials for things like this. Ya got that, cupcakes?

3. Responsibility

A true leader would accept responsibility for their actions. Whatever that means. When someone takes responsibility, they accept that it was their fault. It’s like the time you broke your parent’s vase and you admitted that you broke it. That’s honor. That’s dignity. That’s integrity. That’s responsibility. Being responsible will get you the respect of everyone. So you couch potatoes better start getting there.

4. Reconcile

Reconciliation is a great way to make amends and start fresh. Be mature enough to let bygones be bygones and move on with life. It’s like being a parent and your kids do something bad. You correct them and discipline them then move on and love them. Do you understand?

Reference: Here’s How the Best Bosses Apologize When They Make a Mistake