2019-03-11 00:00:00

So you maggots think that making mistakes is the end of the world, huh? Well, you’re absolutely right! I’m gonna make you exercise so hard, your noses and ears will be bleeding buttermilk! But with extra care and with Gunny Sarn’t Hoo-Ha at your side, you maggots will learn from this!


Photo credit to: https://studentpilotnews.com

So present arms and stand at attention! It’s time to lock n’ load!

1. Responsibility

Being responsible in the Corps can get you to many places and get many things. In the civilian sector, it’s respect. When you make a mistake, accept that it was you when the evidence suggests so. But don’t you forget that just cause someone says you made a mistake, it’s automatically true. Check the evidence first. If they accuse you and there isn’t any evidence, then it’s just a false accusation. Do you maggots understand that?

2. Task

What task are you knowledgeable at? If you know a particular task or subject or a particular field of industry or MOS, it’s best you stick to it. An example is if you’re a rifleman or a DM (Designated Marksman). You can’t just stop what you’re doing and perform first aid on a trooper who got shot. No, you leave that to the medic. Or leave radio signals to the radioman, so on and so forth. If you do something else other than the information you already know, you’ll make mistakes!

3. Debrief

This is not about “going commando” and not wearing underwear. This is about questioning yourself about what you’ve done when you’ve made a mistake or questioning someone when they’ve made a mistake. It goes both ways. Everyone makes mistakes and there really isn’t anything you can do but correct it and then move on. But remember, a mistake in combat could cost someone their life. Is that clear, knuckleheads? Hoorah!

Reference: Thinking Like a Pilot Can Help You Bounce Back From Any Mistake—Here's How