2019-03-20 00:00:00

So you little knuckleheads think Gunny was shipped to combat cause I’ve been missing for a week? I decided to take a break, do you maggots understand that? Now that I’m back, I’m gonna teach you what you need to bring to an interview aside from yourself and your wits.

Photo credit to: https://www.classycareergirl.com

So fall back and grab your bergens! It’s time to lock n’ load!

1. Information

It’s been said and proven in the military that intelligence is half the battle. How else would you be able to identify the enemy’s strength if you didn’t have intelligence agents on the other side? You too need to bring a little bit of information when you get to the interview and if you’re asked what you know about the company. At least you’ll be given plus points for knowing something about the company before you even started. Hoorah!

2. Resume

And bring plenty of it. In the military, we need to bring plenty of food, water, spare clothes and ammo. It might weigh 50 pounds and it might weigh as much as a hundred pounds, depending on the mission. You need to bring plenty of resumes too cause you never know when the company might have a sister company that needs your skill set. Or if you happen to meet a friend who works in a company that needs you. Ya got that?

3. Story

Not to be confused with Toy Story or your life story. This section is about what kind of story you’ve got based on your career. What experiences have you had and what good will you be to the company with these skills? Also, how in the hoot are you supposed to apply these said skills you’ve gained over the years to the company in order to be a good asset? These are just some of the tangible and intangible things you need to bring to your next interview.

Reference: Here’s What to Bring to Your Next Job Interview (Aside From Your A-Game)