2018-07-05 00:00:00

Being a customer, you’d want your problem solved as quickly as you can make instant coffee or faster – breathing. But I hate to burst your bubble, twinkletoes, there ain’t no such thing as instant voice response. But the Sarge has a few things in the ol’ noodle to keep you out of danger.

So strap yourselves in and move out, ladies! It’s time to lock n’ load!

#1. Lock On

Locking on to your target is the same metaphor as locking on to your customer. Or at least if the customer decides to lock on to you, you’ll know it’s the machine’s fault. Nevertheless, when you both “lock on” you, the CSR, need to be witty and conversational. Because sometimes, machines just don’t work as good as humans.

#2. Fatigue

It’s the thing that happens in the military. It’s when you get so tired, you just want to sleep even if there’s heavy artillery and a mechanized armored force heading your way. Similarly, fatigue can make you feel weak in your seat. However, fatigue can usually be treated with coffee and the occasional chit chat with your seat mate and your morale can be lifted with a good joke. But those morale boosters are usually few and far between.

#3. Features

Ayt, listen up. Features are what make a software program unique and if your software or the software the company is using isn’t packed with it, then you as an agent will have already failed. Your training is fine but the equipment isn’t. It’s like going up against a tank with a pistol. 

#4. No Man’s Land

It happens when the software you’re running isn’t user friendly. Have you tried Motorola or Apple and you’re an Android user? Why do they make it so hard to use? Imagine you’re trained to use an M16 or M4 but end up with a Famas or Tavor rifle instead. It’ll make your customers run away like there’s no tomorrow.

Reference: Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Upgrade Your IVR

photo credit to: http://www.callerready.com