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“Here we go again” is what most people think when going to an interview. And that’s normal especially if you’ve spent a lot of months job searching to no real avail and pretty much in vain. However, there are some situations where it can be quite incredible and the Gunny is here to tell you all about incredible.

So drop your MOLLE’s and stand-to, privates, cause it’s time to lock n’ load!

#1. Meals

It’s strange to be invited to a breakfast, lunch or dinner during your interview. Apart from feeling a bit odd, it also feels a bit relaxing as the interviewer usually goes to the fancy places. Although, a word of caution: Make sure to bring extra cash in case they make you pay. Ya got that, privates?

#2. Drinks

The same situation above applies here but instead of having some pasta or over-priced veggie salad, you’ll be presented with over-priced alcoholic beverages. Or juice. Whichever both of you agree on drinking that particular time. I must state that recent studies have showed that warm drinks make the interviewer more warm towards you and cold drinks makes them cold hearted. I’d rather have my M14, thank you.

#3. Special days

Ever had an interview where the entire company went out of it’s usual routine to help the community or each other? This will allow you to get a hold of what the company is up to as well as figure out what they stand for. Are they also workforce-oriented and is there growth in the company? These are all hints at what the company can do for you as an employee. Also, they serve as a time when employees can take a break. Good for you, cause in my beloved Corps, you wouldn’t have any breaks. Do you maggots understand that?


Reference: 4 "Fun" Interview Situations You Might Face (and How to Navigate Each One)

photo credit to: https://www.dailyworth.com