Caritas Switzerland helps people in need in Switzerland and worldwide in more than 40 countries. Together with the network of Regional Caritas Organisations, Caritas Switzerland gets actively involved where people in wealthy Switzerland are affected by poverty: families, single parents, the unemployed, the working poor. Caritas organises volunteer support and looks after asylum seekers and refugees. Globally, Caritas provides emergency relief in disasters and helps with reconstruction. Development cooperation helps people to help themselves, in such areas as food security, water, the environment, human rights and education for children and adults.

‘With strong partnerships against poverty’ is the key strategic goal of Caritas Switzerland. Legally, Caritas Switzerland is an association which operates as an independent, multi-functional relief agency with its head office in Lucerne. The aid agency is a member of the international Caritas network. This consists of 165 organisations worldwide, which are active in more than two hundred countries. In Switzerland, Caritas Switzerland works closely with the Regional Caritas Organisations.

Caritas Switzerland

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