• May 20, 2019

Sagrex Foods, Inc. is an agri-based company in Southern Philippines, established in the year 2005. Sagrex Foods involves in processing and exporting high quality food products made from Fresh Philippine Native (Saba) Bananas. The enterprise pioneered processing of Philippine Native Bananas through the use of a state of the art quick freezing technology creating new innovative native banana products to the world market under the brand name GOLDEN SABA. The three main products of Sagrex Foods are the Microwavable Bananas, Banana Rolls and Banana Fries.

Sagrex Foods commitment is to support the native banana growers in the Philippines and produce a high quality and nutritious food products to satisfy the customer to the fullest.

Sagrex Foods ensures that all products from its food processing plant come from freshly selected Philippine Native (Saba) Bananas that went through a very strict quality control and process.

Sagrex Foods Incorporated

Our Location

TCG Compound, Sasa, Davao City, Davao,