• Jan 01, 1970

27 years of service, Perfect Star PC Shoppe formerly known as Lenton Marketing Inc. is a dynamic organization that is considered one of the leaders in Cebu I.T. industry with the solid financial capacity and operational efficiency to cater the needs of the market.

Perfect Star PC Shoppe is well on its way to securing its place among the majors in the industry. It has a 360 degree visibility of the whole business, increasing profitability while lowering operating costs through the automation of simplified business process.

Best known as the partners of INTEL, EPSON, IBM, LENOVO, MICROSOFT, HEWLETT PACKARD, BENQ and Other major products.

Perfect Star PC Shoppe relationship with the I.T. Industry extends far and wide in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Perfect Star PC Shoppe selects products that are technologically innovative and customer-centric. This expertise in the interplay of product selection, market knowledge, and operational efficiency provides Perfect Star PC Shoppe the edge in being the top reseller.

Among Perfect Star PC Shoppe wide-array of products and solutions are systems, network and communications, multimedia solutions, power management systems, computer components, original software, structured cabling, printers, peripherals to other complementing computer accessories.

Through much dedication and hard work, every delivery reflects excellence as Perfect Star PC Shoppe ensures that each product it represents is backed by qualified systems engineers and customer support that has pass proficiency tests to support and maintain its hundreds of installation base.

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