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  • Mar 29, 2019

Hotel operations (telephone correspondence in Chinese)

Remote work is possible!  You can work  anywhere if you wired for the Internet.

who can speak Chinese *MANDARIN.Only English is not available.


Inquiries from guests reserved for our hotels or booking site customer center.

We will give you a manual on the answer to the inquiry, so please check it and get your answer. For inquiries you can’t answer, please ask the management team and respond to guests.

Since we will respond when receiving a call, work is fine anywhere as long as the phone is connected.



Who can speak  English and Chinese

Must have good internet connection



*Prices start from 35,000 JPY

*Bank transfer fee is included in this amount. Please burden this at your expense.


Our Real estate company have started a new business to operate the apartment as a hotel due  to the rising demand for inbound.


  • Who can speak in Chinese

Salary: 15,001 - 20,000

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