• Fulltime
  • Jun 15, 2017


This position is responsible for the implementation of project design, provision of working drawing, cost estimates/project
budget allocation and monitoring of materials to use for projects production ensuring quality, meeting of target lead time, 
within budget allocation, including overseeing of Ingress/Egress


Planning and Scheduling
.  To generate complete working drawings.
.  To generate specifications and costing / Project Budget
.  To request the availability of manpower and tools and equipment
.  To create set-up/mock up plans
.  To coordinate timeline with Purchasing, Sales/Planning Dept Report and Monitoring Management
.  To provide project status and close monitoring of on-going project
.  To create status of ingress and egress and submit photos
.  To monitor materials and manpower and undertake strict monitoring and implementation of the project schedule
.  To comply with GANNT CHART

Supervision on Fabrication
.  To ensure the good quality of the product according to specification
.  To generate /check working drawing
.  To plan, schedule and monitor the fabrication job orders and also monitor the project budget allocation.
.  To handle purchase of requisition for materials and monitor consumables
.  To attend Project Brief / Project Go Meeting for projects with concern department heads
.  To conduct quality assurance and control and pre and post evaluation per project
.  To oversee production process; ensure that projects are fabricated on time and will pass quality standards
.  To escalate project issues to Production Head
.  To handle / delegate purchase request for sub-con works with head approval
.  To perform other duties that may be delegated from time to time

.  Bachelor’s degree graduate preferably Civil Engineering/Industrial Engineering/Architecture course
.  Computer literate
.  Good written and oral communication skills
.  Can work under pressure
.  Must have understanding of fabrication, scheduling and planning concepts
.  Excellent organizational, presentation and interpersonal skills

SALARY RANGE: Php16,000.00 to Php18,000.00

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